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President’s Message 2023

Suzanne Strealy, SITE Southeast 2023 President

Suzanne Strealy

SITE Southeast 2023 President

It is truly my honor to be serving as SITE Southeast’s 2023 President, and a privilege to work alongside an amazing group of industry leaders to represent the 2023 Board of Directors.

The 2023 board is very excited and passionate about our goals and plans for the year ahead. We have been working hard to plan a year of programming to bring great value to your membership. We are striving to create environments that allow opportunities to collaborate, engage and share our experiences to learn from each other.

Join us at the table
SITE Southeast 2023 Board of Directors sitting in a trolley car

Our 2023 chapter invitation for the year is “Join Us At The Table”. We believe that the greatest asset of our organization is our valuable members and that every one of you brings something unique and beneficial “to the table”. Whether it be at a conference table or a dinner table, we have so much to learn from each other’s experiences, knowledge, perceptions, and stories. I believe that SITE Southeast members are the best of the best in our industry—so let’s learn from each other!

Your board will also work hard to continue building a strong member chapter by providing relative and engaging events, spotlighting our members and sponsors, investing in and growing future leaders, and keep a healthy financial cash flow. We are excited to also be expanding our event footprint to several locations in our 8-state region.

If you’re not currently volunteering, please get involved! I encourage you to volunteer your time to SITE Southeast by joining one of the various committees as it is not only a way to support our chapter, but it will help you to get connected while having a lot of FUN! Please reach out to any of our board members for more information how to get involved.

Finally, I want to thank all our members, volunteers, and sponsors for their dedication, hard work and support in preparing for the year ahead. Thank you for being a part of SITE Southeast and I hope you will “Join us at the Table”.